Forks Over Knives

Forks Over Knives. I have been looking forward to this film for quite some time now and wanted to wait to post on it until after I had seen. it.  America:  go see this film!! Regardless of where you are in your life with your health or what your thoughts are about nutrition, I guarantee you will walk away from this film having learned something about how what we eat directly affects our health.  This is an important, enlightening and inspiring film with a spot-on-message about the ultimate control we  have over our health and in living dis-ease free.

The audience applauded for quite a few minutes when the film was over.  Yay, Houston!!  You continually surprise me, Texas!  Thank you, Lee Fulkerson, for making this very important  film.  To our health!  xo


2 thoughts on “Forks Over Knives

  1. I am dyyyying to see this! I have heard so much about it and can’t wait to see real data (not just gross pictures of slaughter houses) to really drive home the scientific and medical reasons we should be eating a plant-based diet

  2. I saw this great film last week. I have real data on what they say is true. I beat a genetic cancer by eating a plant-based diet ONLY (although I do eat wild-caught fish). No drugs or surgery or chemo. NOTHING but food. I would stand on the mountain top to shout to all people if they would listen. Some people who know this about me say “It’s too hard.” Sheeesh! After seeing two friends recently die (horrible death) from cancer (under the care of traditional health care) I say, “Now that’s hard!” Visit for my story.

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