Meet my new BFF.

You may or may not know that I am a complete techo-geek and techophile. Given that a new year is upon us and many have new fitness goals, I introduce you to my new BFF, Fitbit.

It’s small, discreet and classy. My magic genie.  An uber-high tech device that tracks your every steps, stairs climbed and calories burned, sleep patterns, motivating you throughout the day.

Just like the iPhone is much, much more than a “phone”…..Fitbit is much much more than a “step counter” or a “pedometer”.  It is like having a 2-inch portable fitness instructor assisting you to achieve better health and fitness.

I always thought I was an active person–and then FitBit showed me that, other than during my workouts, I barely move during the day.

FitBit uses 3D motion sensors similar to those used in the Wii. It has the ability to track steps, miles walked, calories burned, and sleep patterns. The information is automatically transmitted from the FitBit device through the base station and onto the user’s website whenever the FitBit is within 15 feet of the base station. Each Fitbit has a unique number so any FitBit can use any base station for transmission. It gives the user an idea of the daily amount of calories expended and level of activity exerted during the day. With online tools it provides a historical view of this data. Food and activity logging online can assist the user in losing, maintaining or even gaining weight. The flower grows to show how active you are; the calories burned and steps taken are also displayed.

This device wirelessly synchs if in proximity to your computer with the receiver.  Takes about an hour to charge and a full chrage will last you a week!

 Here is a snapshot of the analyis it shows you:

Information is power and we can’t change what we don’t know.  FitBit’s strength is showing this to the user;  the numbers in and of themselves are tremendously motivating. 10,000 steps is 5 miles….so if I want to have this under my belt each day in addition to my working out..this little magic genie helps me keep track!  Here is a snapshot of the iPhone app:

You can connect with lots of other cool peeps in the FitBit community on their website and on Twitter who are doing the same thing.  It is also a  great motivator to see where you fall on the chart with other FitBit users.

Once you get used to wearing it daily and keeping track of your movements, it instantly becomes a part of your life.  Give it a go for two weeks and I would be very surprised if you aren’t hooked!  I ordered mine from Amazon.  Check out the reviews there.

Some will call this a “luxury” item, priced at $99 and an “expensive pedometer”.  But, so was the iPod when it first came out. Now it is a way of life for many. If this can help you move more, I would argue this to be a “necessity” not a luxury. Is your health worth a C-note?   Make every day and every step count.  xo



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