The Golden Ticket

Easter.  Springtime.  Renewal.  Rebirth.  New growth.  New Beginnings.

Honestly, my lenten season began much earlier this year.

Each of us has aspects of our character–certain beliefs–that do not serve us well.  In acknowledging these beliefs and by letting them go, we open ourselves up to a more powerful spirit.

All great life lessons give us opportunities.

Often, they are masked as obstacles.

But, as a Zen proverb says, “the obstacle is the path…”

I remember looking in the mirror in early February and feeling so disheartened. I was so tired. Four years later and my face was still not 100% symmetrical.  I was exhausted from this weight I have been carrying for the four years.  It was time to give it up.

Give up the belief that “until my face is perfectly symmetrical again, I am broken.

After four years of every-time-you-look-in-the-mirror reminders, I had to release it.

It would be a dragon I would be chasing my entire life if I didn’t change my thinking.

So the loving and fighting side of myself decided to reject that idea and get busy living.

For my own mental well being, I worked overtime on truly loving myself — ALL parts of myself…. straight, crooked, upside-down, dimpled or not.

I may never have a face that is 100% symmetrical again. But I now swim in a sea of self-love and self-respect.  These were unchartered waters for me before.

With a new season upon us,  the question becomes — how many of us will truly live?

Live for ourselves first and foremost….not for our spouse,  our parents, our careers, or our illness …. but for ourself.

….that’s the golden ticket,  isnt it?  xo


“Be at peace with yourself first and then you will be able to bring peace to others.”
                                                         – Thomas a Kempis






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