Unconditional Love.


Whenever we have attachments in our lives, whether to people or things or situations – there is the inherent risk that they can be taken from us.

This opens us up to the possibility of pain, depending on how deep our attachment is.

Many flee from this risk.

I grew up with animals.  They have always held a special place in my heart the times in my life I have had them.

Having a pet as an adult is a bit different.  The depth of caring, trust and friendship is a deeper commitment that is absent as a child. And surprisingly, as a grown conscious woman,  I did not expect to have the level of connection with a pet that as I did as a child.

One of the greatest gifts that pets give us is also one of the most challenging gifts about being a human being.

And that is … on a day-to-day basis, we come face to face with the tremendous risk of loving fully.

Because they are so present, attentive, trusting and unconditionally loving—there is something about this connection that does not allow us to love only “half-way” – or “3/4” way.

And let’s not forget how non-judgmental they are.  You can undress in front of them without them telling you to “lay off the cheesecake.”

The greatest gift we have in life is to fully love another being.

The scariest thing we can ever do in life is to fully love another being.

I think that is what animals are here to teach us.

How to really fully love.

They don’t say’ – “omg – what have I got to risk here?”

They give up front – freely exposing all vulnerability.

Imagine if we take that and bring it into our human relationships.

If we can open our hearts to give and receive unconditional love, isn’t that a gift for everyone?  xo



2 thoughts on “Unconditional Love.

  1. Thanks, Jim. Much appreciate. Separately, can’t tell you how much I am enjoying the Muse. Although in retrospect, wish I would have asked you to add a Pug. 😉 Best, Nina

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