Mind Over Medicine.


Mind Over Medicine.  I have long believed that the best prescription to be healthy was to eat well, exercise, sleep well and take your vitamins/supplements.  Through my own health challenges and journey to functional medicine, my eyes were opened to many other healing modalities.  Nothing has been so eye-opening as Dr. Lissa Rankin’s new book, “Mind over Medicine – Scientific Proof that You Can Heal Yourself“.  An M.D. herself, she presents an evidence-based look at the true impact of your mindset and lifestyle on pain, disease and vitality.

“Our thoughts hold more medicine than many of the astonishing break-throughs of our time.”  – Kris Carr

When her own health declined and she faced with her own health challenges, she discovered that what she was taught to practice was missing something:  a recognition of the body’s ability to self-repair and the control we can have over these self-healing mechanisms with the power of the mind.

“The body says what words cannot.”  -Martha Graham

This book is divided into three parts. Part One:  Lissa makes the argument that the mind has the power to alter the body physicolically through a potent combination of positive belief and the nuturing care of the right health-care providers.  Part Two: she shows how the mind can alter the body’s physiology based on the life choices you make, including the relationships you choose to nurture, your sex life, the work you do, your financial choices, how creative you are, whether you are optimist or pessimist, how happy you are and how you spend your leisure time.   Part Three is a wellness model she created and guides you through  – six steps to healing yourself.

Stay Positive

“Within each of us is a spark.  Call it a divine spark if you will, but it is there and can light the way to health.  There are no incurable diseases, only incurable people.”  – Bernie Siegel, M.D.

This is not just a book for someone who is sick, but for anyone interested in preventing disease.  She teaches us how to listen to the whispers from our bodies.  And, if you need to see evidence before you believe,  this is the book for you.  I could not put it down. A must read if you care about your health or know someone facing health challenges.

“There is no illness of the body apart from the mind.”  – Socrates

Lissa’s book is call for us to open our minds and our hearts in our approach to healing and to reclaim our body’s innate power to heal itself.  There are many lessons and wisdom we can learn from Dr. Rankin – someone who truly honors the mind, body and spirit in the healing process.

To our good health.



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